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January's Supermoon Lunar Eclipse shows you how you can help make the world a better place through community efforts. With your ruler Venus converging with Jupiter, which makes the first of 's exciting links to Neptune, you'll find the creativity to effect real change. That ongoing relationship between Jupiter and Neptune is a strong indication that you'll have the resolve to overcome challenges. In March, as Uranus moves out of your opposite sign, a discovery will highlight your year.

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So, by the time November's Transit Of Mercury arrives you'll know you've skilfully avoided an obstacle which has prevented you achieving a dream. As the rare transit approaches, you'll focus on the expendability of your resources. Help is at hand from dynamic Mars, encouraged by Jupiter's appetite for growth. A re-evaluation of your priorities will clarify your pathway to greater happiness. Want to know more about what's in store for you in ?

Libra horoscope jonathan cainer

Your 'Guide to the Future' is full of amazing predictions and insights. Get yours now! As Uranus moves out of your opposite sign in March , exciting new ways of working with others bring extra potential for your financial prospects. With the Transit of Mercury taking place in the part of the sky associated with your disposable income and personal security, it's important to focus on the direction you're heading in rather than dwell on the past.

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If you tap into your adventurous side, you'll deal with demanding situations more easily and make surprising gains that will greatly benefit your financial position. As Uranus moves out of your opposite sign in March, you'll find you're standing on a more secure base, from which you can make innovative progress.

Once you know what you want to happen, the Transit of Mercury indicates that you can control how you communicate with the people you love, and respond to them in a more inspired way. This will make a tangible difference to your happiness and emotional well-being. We have updated our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. Click to accept.

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Read the thought for the day nad try to interpret how it applies to your life. Most times this will help you become a better person, even if it is only through reflection. Jonathan Cainer horoscopes provide daily information about the planets and how they affect your sign.

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Then you can scroll down to read your own interpretation of how compatible you are. If you would like a personal Tarot reading, there is a page on the site that lists telephone numbers you can use to talk to Jonathan and get your own reading. You can also send him an email, read the frequently asked questions page and read inspirational quotes.

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