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This is a month to celebrate freedom, empowerment, energy congruence, and the whole path that got us here. Since the beginning of the energy has felt a little odd, dense, and slow. While we had glimpses of its potential, somehow it never seemed to manifest in the new ways we hoped for. Instead we got a lot of the repetition of the past, old lessons coming up, situations we thought were over arriving back at our doorstep again, with the same people, same lessons, same pain, and same questions.

Did we take a big jump back into the past? I noticed something when I was looking at the planet Saturn which went direct in September. I said then that this was a big movement forward because it had been in retro since May but in shadow retro since mid-January. And there you go. These final months of are actually the start of the new energy we have been waiting all year to work with. And now we can because we have done the foundational work to prepare us for access into new potentials.

We can no longer hide from our own truth, ignore our fears and doubts, pretend that everything is OK when we know it is not, and dim our lights to make others happy. Energies of different frequencies are not compatible and cannot co-exist in our energy field. And we need to have a stronger energetic focus too, with fewer leaks, distractions, and dramas and traumas that take us off of our path.

And we need to get tired of the pain before we rise up and seek healing. Welcome to the Light Age. On the astrological level we are in Libra season now, whose glyph is the scales. This is balanced giving and receiving, the karmic cycles of reaping what is sown, justice and not revenge, equality that requires the acknowledgement of energetic sovereignty.

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All we can do is balance the equations in our own lives and allow everyone to find their own energetic balance point. We are preparing for the final Mercury retrograde in , which begins its shadow on October 12 and goes full retro on October It stations on the same degree of the long Saturn retro in Scorpio of June to August of Just a heads up to pay attention to what arises from that period. The new moon of the 28 th at 4 Virgo is giving Uranus a big nudge. What does this mean? This impacts all of us, individually and collectively. We are all part of the Great Awakening and each one of us plays a role in the ascension cycle for ourselves and for the world.

True transformation occurs when we are willing to expand our awareness, embrace our power, ignite our intuition, and live from our brightest light. The call is being made for us to unite, to be our light, and to stand together and hold the light of truth, peace, joy, love, compassion, and understanding. Copyright c by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, copy, translate and link to this article, in its entirety, on free, non-donation based websites only, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website.

All other uses are strictly prohibited. The following copyright, trademark, and intellectual property statement is made necessary by the dishonest activities of those who believe that content on the internet is free for use. It is not.

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We prosecute to the fullest extent of the law anyone who uses any of our content without express written permission and a paid license. One of the co-founders of Whistleblower Aid previously worked at several liberal activist organizations financed by billionaire activist and Democratic Party megadonor George Soros. When Whistleblower Aid was first formed, the main banner for the mission statement of its website contained clearly anti-Trump language. That part of the mission statement received attention in the conservative media.

Like many other people, we are definitely concerned about things that are happening in the administration. The lack of transparency. A lot of people have questions about whether this administration respects the rule of law. Upon its founding, Whistleblower Aid actively sought to attract the attention of Trump administration government employees by reportedly blasting advertisements for its whistleblower services on Metro trains, using mobile billboards that circled government offices for 10 hours a day, and handing out whistles on street corners as a gimmick to gain attention.

Tye himself is a whistleblower. He is a former State Department official who went public in about U.

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Avaaz was founded in by the Soros-funded, partisan MoveOn. Res Publica oversees Avaaz activism. Zaid doubles as Executive Director and founder of the James Madison Project, which says it seeks to promote government accountability. The Atlantic Council is funded by and works in partnership with Burisma, the natural gas company at the center of allegations regarding Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Breitbart News reported that a staffer for Rep. State Department. Giuliani reportedly traveled to Kyiv in May and met with Mr.

Bakanov and another close Zelensky adviser, Mr. Serhiy Shefir. It does so to:. In his extensive report , Special Counsel Robert S. The DNC famously refused to allow the FBI to access its servers to verify the allegation that Russia carried out a hack during the presidential campaign. A senior law enforcement official stressed the importance of the FBI gaining direct access to the servers, a request that was denied by the DNC. Follow him on Facebook. Howell Woltz. October 3, He came to Trump again when he ran for the U.

Senate after somehow losing the presidency to a Socialist Muslim no one had ever heard of before.


Trump graciously helped him—again. But Mitt Romney is a sorry politrickster. He let Manchurian candidate, Barack Obama, smoke him in the presidential race…. Say what? What had Trump done? As Executive of the United States, back in August, he had a friendly conversation with the newly elected anti-corruption Ukraine President, Volodomyr Zelenskyy, congratulating him on his election and encouraging him to look into sinister activities involving Ukraine in the American election…back in What could possibly be wrong with that? And Ukrainian President Zelenskyy said he was already doing just that.

So when hapless Mitt Romney condemned President Trump before even reading the transcript of the call, I immediately knew something was up. When I read it, there was absolutely nothing even interesting, much less amiss. A fair question. So just yesterday we learned Giuliani and Barr had travelled to meet with foreign leaders whose nations assisted in the attempted coup, by-passing the corrupt institutions of government that had participated in it. It was actually these corrupt pieces of the U.

The Ukraine admitted what was done, and apologised. We also showed you a video last week of Vice President Joe Biden. He was bragging to the Council on Foreign Relations back in about extorting the Ukraine government into firing its Prosecutor General, Viktor Shokin. Nothing to see here. The Dems knew their Deep State rats would prevent any meaningful review.

Meanwhile, they would get away with it as they had The Russia Hoax, the Hillary Clinton cover up, and the rest, including rapes, murders, and worse—treason.

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No Dem ever pays for corruption in Washington, DC. Everyone knows this. But there is a new sheriff in town folks. Donald J. When the Democrats realised last week that Trump was actually heading up his own investigation rather than leaving it to their Deep State apparatchiks—and doing so directly with the leaders of Ukraine, Australia, and Italy and perhaps the U. House of Representatives Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, announced impeachment proceedings against the president just three hours after stating in a speech that she would not. Speaker Pelosi had zero evidence, cause, stated reason and lacked the required vote of the House of Representatives to do so, but announced it anyway.

I live in Eastern Europe Poland and my sources are first-hand.

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And I know this matters greatly to Mitt Romney as he is not yet done with politics. Burisma Holdings is the hub of U. Democrat activities to corrupt both Ukraine and American politics and there is proof. If it were not for researching this article, I admit, he was unknown to me as well. What a revelation. Oh well. And nothing was done about Cofer Black for this, indicating this is what the Deep State wanted. But it goes deeper. John Brennan and this guy, Cofer Black, are how 19 terrorists got into the U.

But CIA Saudi station chief, John Brennan, overrode the officer in charge and ordered the visas to be stamped and issued. Cofer Black ignored the reports about this strange behaviour, though it was made, I know as a fact, from the people who made it. I was also a Florida-based pilot in You know the rest of the story. It took these two to tango. These are partners in crime. Brennan definitely had help in this. These terrorists had to have someone at the highest level in U. Counterintelligence to let their mission come to pass and succeed by ignoring all the warnings.

Bad news for Mittens. Also FACT. I thought we were talking about Ukraine? Yes, we are. But we just learned all of this through researching why Mitt Romney wanted to hide what happened in Ukraine and was willing to trash President Donald Trump to do it. That makes this all relevant and pretty damn interesting to me. It was exposed just last week that Brennan flew under a fake passport to avoid detection on his trip to set this up in Eastern Europe as early as There is no explanation for a CIA Director to do this unless what he was doing was illegal. So what did he do? Convenient, eh?

Well it worked…until now.

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Brennan then sets up the Russian hoax through the Ukraine government and intel operatives covertly in to target any candidate who might face Hillary Clinton in So, Brennan decided to use the script in Glenn Simpson simply changed the names. Unfortunately, there was a problem. Socialist Bernie Sanders was leading the Democrats side over the Chosen, Hillary, and had to be eliminated. To achieve this, the Clintons literally did a forced takeover of The Democrat National Committee and its funds.

Ironically, Brennan also leaked the fake dossier to Sen. The FBI literally paid for the fabricated information, leaked it to the media and politicians who hated Trump, then used their reports and that dossier when fed back to them, to get warrants to spy on Trump. But then the kimchee hits the fan for real. Trump gets elected! So, who jumps over to Ukraine to protect the conspiracy from being found out? The Board of Burisma Holdings—the same centre of Ukraine corruption used by Joe Biden in to enrich his kid— was the base from which to shield the Democrat origins of the Russia Hoax and its intel roots from any real investigation.

If the new leaders of the nations that aided Brennan, Black and the Democrats—all of whom are admirers of Donald Trump—have investigated the crimes of their predecessors as Trump asked, he likely has the evidence on his desk rather than having it hidden by the Deep State criminals. I suppose the President is waiting to see who is running the U. We have no evidence of that, but this train has left the station, regardless—and we made sure the President knew that England and Boris played a key role in the attempted coup against him before he left on Airforce One.

How you ask? We got a copy of that letter from a British intelligence whistleblower. We did. Then, this past Friday, it became known that President Trump had not only launched his own investigation with foreign leaders into the Election tampering, but that it was almost complete. As soon as that happened, the freak-out began. The Deep State was and is in paroxysms of unmitigated fear and psychosis. But guess what? Within 24 hours, in another act of unprecedented transparency The Donald did just that. He released the full, unredacted transcript of the call, publicly proving them all to be Pinocchios.

She first began exploring astrology as a teenager growing up in New York City, where she would make pilgrimages to the occult specialist Weiser Bookshop on Lexington Avenue. Since she first emerged into the fashion consciousness in —when she walked no fewer than 74 shows during a single season—Estonian model Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov, a proud Virgo, has dipped into every facet of modeling, working both behind and in front of the camera on various video and editorial projects. She recently art-directed a surreal new video for rapper and Mr.

Nicolas Winding Refn, watch your back. She also admitted to a bit of a perfectionist streak, as well as a need to balance her social obligations with time to herself. That is a secret one.


Wearing a crystal-encrusted grill across her incisors, transparent sunglasses whose lenses were dusted with glitter perhaps not the most practical, but cool as hell , and a fluffy, cropped bomber jacket, Jazzelle Zanaughtti—the model who is also known by her Instagram handle, uglyworldwide—strode into a sprawling suite at the Beekman Hotel on a recent March morning. Zanaughtti is a Sagittarius, the extroverted, adventurous fire sign—though she hardly keeps apprised of the migrations of constellations.

Nevertheless, she listed a litany of Sagittarian traits with which she identifies. The ritual, in addition to its cleansing properties, has another benefit: relieving the smell of cigarette smoke inside the flat. Just a few months later, designer Sarah Burton asked her back—this time, for the Fall season, during which she appeared along with the likes of Stella Tennant and Liya Kebede. The sign is also a reliably intellectual one.